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Address: Guangdong Province Foshan Nanhai Shishan town Guan Tai Lam Industrial Zone




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Guangrun Metal Product Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise that integrates with research, development, design, processing, production and sales of medium and top grade aluminum alloy profiles. It is located in GuanyaoDalan Industrial Zone, Shishan Town, Nanhai District in the core economic circle of aluminum alloy profile manufacturing industry in Foshan.

The Company has been devoted to the research and development, design, processing, production and sales of medium and top grade aluminum alloy profiles since its establishment and has created two high end wood grain aluminum profile brands, “Guangrui” and “Guangzhuo”. Since its establishment in 2004, the Company develops rapidly in the aluminum profile industry relying on its own professional level and mature technology and has become a famous aluminum profile manufacturing enterprise in Foshan. By introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technologies, the Company has completed the first vertical three-dimensional wood grain production line in China, being the pioneer in the industry. And meanwhile, the Company also keeps on improving and developing new production processes and technologies to first launch series of products with antique wood grain, shaving wood grain, 3D wood grain, crystal cataphoresis wood grain and stereo wood grain in the market as a substitution for traditional wood, which were echoed in the market. The products with beautiful looks and econ-friendly features have realized the ideas of “Guangrui” and “Guangzhuo” to construct a green home. At present, “Guangrui Wood Grain Aluminum Profile” and “Guangzhuo Wood Grain Aluminum Profile” have become representatives of medium and high end brands in the industry and established the leading position. The Company also introduced the chrome-free surface treatment technology from German Chemetall, and applied eco-friendly coating materials in the course of spraying, preventing the heavy metal pollution in the course of the traditional production technology. The products have passed the EU Ross Product Certification. And meanwhile, the Company was the among the first to pass the certification of Guangdong clean energy manufacturing enterprise by upgrading and transforming the production equipment and waste water and gas disposal equipment.

The Company has a powerful professional technical and management team and all kinds of production equipment. It has six 800-1800 tons extrusion production lines, two vertical stereo wood grain production lines, two horizontal spraying production lines, and eight vacuum wood grain production lines. Most of the equipment is from famous domestic and foreign branch including domestic advanced aluminum alloy extrusion production lines, and Swiss imported spray lines with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.

The Company has fully carried out the ISO 9001 quality management system and operates in strict accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system to steadily establish a set of comprehensive quality management system with procedural organization and control and standardization of technical skills. The Company was entitled to “Member of Guangdong Association of Quality Inspection”. In order to ensure the product quality, all materials of the Company are offered by domestic and foreign famous manufacturers. The materials for surface treatment come from German Chemetall while major production materials such as the aluminum rods and coating materials are from domestic and foreign companies. In order to ensure the real-time monitoring over the technicalperformance and specifications of the Company’s products, the Company is equipped with complete sets of testing instruments in the testing center and has more than 20 sets of all kinds of important testing instruments to provide strong supports and reliable guarantee for product quality and the research, development and innovation of and technologies.

At present, the Company has established a stable marketing network with good product prospect and increasing sales volume. The products are not only well sold in the medium and high end market in all places in China, but are also exported to more than thirty countries and regions such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, EU, Africa, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, receiving great popularity from customers.

The Company will keep carrying on the ideals and responsibilities of “Guangzhuo” and “Guangrui” and sincerely provide complete service and high quality products for new and old customers and head for success together.